View Over Vilnius, Lithuania

March 25th, 2014

Inspiration Writing ContestLithuania

Gedimino Hill bursts out of the historic center of Vilnius. It is capped by a rebuilt medieval tower that recalls the castle that once stood there, the seat of medieval dukes. It was here that the Baltic Way, a chain of peaceful people linking hands and protesting Soviet rule, originated in 1989. That chain stretched … Continued

We had only this: a course pack, a name, and a story. We scattered ourselves across the steps of the neo-classical Vilnius Cathedral, forty men and women in backpacks and light jackets from varying pockets of the world. Montreal. New York. Saudia Arabia. Japan. We stole surreptitious glances at one another, trying to pair names … Continued

  I was sitting in Cathedral Square when the drum circle arrived. Or what looked like a drum circle. If drum circles also had clocks, like the kind of clock you would hang in your kitchen. Large roman numerals, round. Gold frames. They were walking straight toward me, carrying white blocks the size of trumpet … Continued

It had been a week since had I slept in a bed or taken a shower. Maybe more. I couldn’t remember. At five in the morning I found sleep elusive, so sat to watch a chicken in the rain. As I toyed with the idea of leaving the barn I had been trying to sleep … Continued