25 Jul Sicilian Nights in Italy

There is no feeling in the world, like that of sleeping under the stars for the first time. Looking up at the endless blue-black universe smudged with stars and mist, you cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of belonging. Of intoxicating infinity. Like the...

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11 May Seize and Savor in Italy

As I spoon the melting hazelnut gelato from my tilted bowl, Susan says, “I think I’ve had too much wine. Maybe we should go back the hotel.” “Are you kidding? Seize the day. We’re in Italy. It’s all about the wine. Let’s go somewhere else,” I...

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13 Apr Beautiful Ugly Rome, Italy

The afternoon was chilly and my espresso was cold.  On the plane, shivering under my thin blanket, I’d dreamt of drinking in this piazza, a space as bright as sun-ripe tomatoes, wafting of baked bread and roasted peppers.  I’d come to write about living beautiful,...

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