09 Oct A Kept Avenue in France

The moment you feel you've gained independence is when when you've moved away with no supervision. When you make choices of your own to better understand how to navigate through things. At first you may feel you're like Dorothy, being jostled around in a thick...

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03 Jun Je Suis Paris.

The year 2013 was a bad year, to say the least. I had nothing to show for it except a failed marriage, the sale of my first home, and the emotional baggage that could rival that of Britney Spears, circa 2007. And all before the...

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18 May Chasing Osmosis in France

It doesn’t sounds so scary, moving to Paris. For most, it sounds like an exotic adventure, hardly the stuff that should fill a 33-year-old global nomad with dread. It’s not the place that frightens me, it’s the expectations I set up for myself here. “One...

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26 Apr Coming Home from France

  Just the thought of moving back to France nearly gave me a panic attack.  All the work I had done over the past two years, living on our homestead in Virginia, raising chickens, Square-Foot-Gardening, being the PTA president of my kids’ school—all I had built...

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