03 Jun Je Suis Paris.

The year 2013 was a bad year, to say the least. I had nothing to show for it except a failed marriage, the sale of my first home, and the emotional baggage that could rival that of Britney Spears, circa 2007. And all before the...

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18 May Chasing Osmosis in France

It doesn’t sounds so scary, moving to Paris. For most, it sounds like an exotic adventure, hardly the stuff that should fill a 33-year-old global nomad with dread. It’s not the place that frightens me, it’s the expectations I set up for myself here. “One...

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26 Apr Coming Home from France

  Just the thought of moving back to France nearly gave me a panic attack.  All the work I had done over the past two years, living on our homestead in Virginia, raising chickens, Square-Foot-Gardening, being the PTA president of my kids’ school—all I had built...

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Photo courtesy Tourist Office, Ile de Noirmoutier

11 Apr L’Ile de Noirmoutier, In Search of The World’s Most Expensive Potato

by Paige Donner Every year in France, when a certain season sets in, namely the Fall, a whole cadre of culinary enthusiasts await with bated breath their chance to devour cèpes and truffles and other richly aromatic tubers and funghi. [caption id="attachment_24504" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Windmill on the...

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