Limassol, Cyprus: The other side of the Mediterranean

July 6th, 2015

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Limassol, Cyprus: The other side of the Mediterranean By Kyveli Kardas After arriving from a much colder and rainy climate, finally my body is feeling the much awaited heat in July in Limmasol.  The Larnaca airport terminal is a modern tasteful building that is easy to navigate. The smiling people at the passport check welcomed us … Continued

Two narrow roads, one easterly, the other westerly, wiggle their way from the main thoroughfares towards Lofou, an ancient Cypriot village ensconced between the hills northwest of Limassol. From either direction, the drive up evokes a welcoming sense of solitude. Grapevines, standing in line like obedient students, crowd the countryside and provide a stark contrast … Continued

A Short Break to Cyprus

Cyprus is a fascinating destination that despite it’s small size, has an abundance of activities and things to see. It’s long, rich history has helped shape it’s landscape over the centuries so that ruins and buildings can still be seen to this day, coexisting harmoniously with modern day Cyprus. The third largest island in the … Continued