02 Sep Goats & Milk in Ukraine

Goats & Milk in Ukraine   by R.J. Fox Before we went to get the milk, my finance Katya and her mother, Elena, decided that it was best for me to wait outside as they entered the small, village grocery shop outside of Dnipropetrovsk in eastern Ukraine. We...

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01 Sep Back to Basics in the Mexican Jungle

“It’s called the Rainbow Gathering”, repeated the seemingly innocent blonde-haired girl, as we perched on the pavement amidst the hustle-and-bustle of Mexico City’s largest market: El Mercado de la Merced. “It’s hard to explain exactly what it is… I can’t even tell you where it...

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27 Aug The Real Ireland

The Real Ireland It starts with a slap drum.  A man in his early 20’s throws his hands against a tall wooden box between his outstretched legs with every cell in his body. His back hunched, his red hair gathered into a loose bun, he sends...

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