13 Jan Wheeling Through Kenya

When I arrived in Kenya, my nerves were shot. I had traveled to Nairobi from Australia via Bangkok, where I had been stranded for a few extra days due to a stress-induced moment of thoughtlessness in which I failed to notice that the time that...

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12 Jun I Left My Heart In Kenya

Every night I slid between the course fabric sheets of the small upper bunk, I could feel the crossbars of the crudely constructed frame through the thin foam mattress; yet it was a welcome respite from the weariness accrued from the long day's events.  I...

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29 Mar Kenya

Kenya A man passes by with three camels on the beach. He does this journey twice every day. The camels are walking behind him on the snow-white sand proudly. Behind them the endless Indian Ocean shows off thousands shades of blue. The sun is high up, spreading...

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15 Oct Children of Kibera, Kenya

When our patients and their parents heard that we were going to Kenya and would visit a school in Kibera—one of the largest slums in the world—many of them asked if we could take some supplies for the children there. One mother had her children...

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03 Oct Gold SATW for Ken Budd

Congratulations to Ken Budd for his 2014 Gold SATW award for his article,  "Kenya: Holding Elijah." Ken Budd’s 2013 story on his volunteer experiences in Kenya and recent media criticism of voluntourism won gold on October 16 in the Society of American Travel Writers’ Lowell Thomas awards, which honors the best...

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