Central America


28 May Wonders Await Brave Ones

  I could always hear the Sea calling, the ebb and flow of the waves, playing like an omnipresent lullabye; gently humming in the background of every significant scene of my life. The death of my mother, the long talks with my father, birthdays and kisses, even...

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23 May The Jungle Road in Belize

With one step off the jetliner, this California Golden Boy became a foreigner for the first time. Rolling green hills covered in golden poppies, fields upon fields of vegetables or fluffy white cotton, and multi-lane interstates stretching over the horizon – they do not exist...

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02 May Stepping Off in Costa Rica

  Stepping Off   I placed a check mark underneath canopy tour.  It sounds so benign.  I abruptly walk away, my heart thundering in my chest, a queasy sensation in my stomach.  I’m in Costa Rica on a writer’s retreat.  I had promised myself before leaving home that...

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