The Cayman Islands: Fifty Shades of BayPart 4

January 28th, 2013

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It’s the final afternoon in paradise, and I head for Hell. Hell, it turns out, is a flash in the road near West Bay, named for a swatch of spiky, tortured, black, ironshore that looks like midday in the garden of evil. There are just a few structures in Hell: a bar named Club Infernal; … Continued

The hours melt away as I snorkel the brilliant reefs, hike the filigreed interior, draw figures in the sand, collect lovely shells, even paddle around the island in a leaky plastic kayak. I finish reading my one book, Explorers of the Nile, and then stare at a palm tree. I come to admit I’m bored. … Continued

From here I wind back to the western side of the island, to Lighthouse Point, to meet Nancy Easterbrook, the fire behind a critical ecological initiative in the Caribbean: Eat a fish; Save the fish. Nancy, who is managing partner of Divetech, says in recent years the beautiful Indo-Pacific lionfish, studded with toxin-tipped spines, has … Continued

Over the years I’ve caressed many of the Caribbean gems, but never a set like the Cayman Islands. An accident of geography and geology, the three coral islands, cursed with terrible soil, minimal terrestrial relief, no rivers or lakes, but a bask of crocodiles, was not settled by the Caribs, Arawaks, Tainos, or any other … Continued