Books in America: Of Lost Boys and Wall Paintings

July 2nd, 2013

Independence Writing ContestUnited States

In July, the heat rolls off the streets in waves, bounding down the asphalt and nipping at the feet of vacationers in our tourist- trap central. Most come for the books; that lazy, dreamlike juncture one acquires in running their fingers over leather bound spines as gingerly as they might fondle a newborn, breathing in … Continued

NATURE FIX  acquainted, survived, camping trip; seventeen in 69; high school; five crazed; a mass deed Frisbee flaps backpacks, footing sand; old beast’s rock dinosaur footing; flying discs; some caught what I knew; I was lost; where I was; feeling freed we found charm, passion play, bathing warmth; agreed fifteen years pass; never knew where … Continued

St. John: Finding Freedom on the White Sands of Paradise Many people have an ideal picture of an “escape to freedom.” For some, it is a hidden bed and breakfast in the big city. For others, it is an adventurous hike through a remote jungle. My idea of freedom is to be on the open … Continued

Amy Friedman, our Independence Travel Writing Contest Judge and award winning writer of Desperado’s Wife, offered to share her story. Kept Together by the Bars Between Us When we met, he had already served 7 years of a 13-years-to-life sentence for murder. He was once a drug dealer and had shot and killed another dealer … Continued

People all have their special place where they feel alive. When peace is felt all around and you have a glance at what it means to be free. For me, that special place is camping in the woods. No cities or towns, no highways, just you and your family with your imagination. When I was … Continued

5 Highlights of a Honeymoon Road Trip Napa Valley With some of the very finest food and wine to be found in the United States, it’s no surprise that the Napa Valley is a hit amongst newlywed gourmands and wine connoisseurs. Newcomers to the ways of the grape will feel equally at home; here the … Continued

Some people find freedom by traveling all across the world, from one continent to another continent, and one ocean to another ocean. Yet, for me, all it takes is a three hour drive down from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Lynchburg, Virginia to find freedom. I discovered Riverside Park on the Mount Vernon Trail with my girlfriend, … Continued

Everybody wants to feel independent. Everyone has their place that they feel that once in a life time feeling. Well, that place for me is the outstanding Santa Barbara, California. I love the feel of freedom that just overcomes me when I get to look at the beautiful beaches and the clear, blue sky. Feeling … Continued

An excerpt from Desperado’s Wife: A Memoir by Amy Friedman Elton I can still feel the churning pleasure I felt as I anticipated the day of Elton’s release. The idea of leading someone out, of driving someone to his freedom was the first real pleasure I’d felt in years, the first day after too many … Continued

Family travel can be a difficult one to get right. Will there be enough activities for the kids or will you be facing a mutiny half way through the vacation? Well , one location tried and trusted is the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Made up of the three counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson, it is … Continued