Pennsylvania: Ranch dressing

January 30th, 2014

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The stuffed moose over the fireplace looks down on us in cross-eyed bemusement as we enter the main reception of the dude ranch. The smell of saddle soap, barbeque and the great outdoors pervaded throughout and we know we have arrived, if not in the Wild West exactly, certainly outside the city limits After 3 … Continued

“We’re going a bit too much to the left, hon’,” says Mrs. Hollis. Her wheelchair creaks as it bumps along over the cobblestone.  I tighten my grip – it’s an empty effort to ensure that she doesn’t fall out and roll the rest of the way down the hill, right into the Mississippi River about … Continued

Wine Country. The terms inspire all the senses. You expect to stand at vast rows of grapes and see them make their way over green, or maybe golden, hills. In the most distance horizon, you may see a mountain top barely discernible under a misty cloud. There can be a chill in the air or … Continued

Alaska, a cold, unforgiving frontier perched high on the globe, where the sun slides across the sky more slowly. I was intrigued by this place, so different from anywhere I had ever visited. I had no idea what to expect as I stepped off the plane and onto the chilly tarmac. That night as I … Continued

Do you like water or mountains? Snow or surf? Shopping or relaxing? Yeah, I like all of them all too. Now, you’re probably thinking that California is a pretty big place and not really a very specific topic. You’re right. It’s huge and that why it inspired me. Some parts of the gorgeous Golden State … Continued

I was pedaling as quickly as I could, but I felt the ice dripping down my backpack onto my skin. The traffic on Beach Boulevard was backed up, but I zipped by in the bike lane and turned into Sunrise Village, a last remainder of old Ft. Lauderdale. It consisted of a scattering of tattoo … Continued

A moment ago an elegant Japanese lady and her daughter stopped by the Honolulu zoo aviary and seated themselves on a wooden fence railing. They paused there, enjoying the diversity of bird life. Speaking to each other in rather hushed voices so as not to disturb the inhabitants or the serenity of the environment, they … Continued

Thank  you to everyone for your interest in our Travel Writing Contests! We have published all of the Gratitude Contest entries and will be announcing the winners at the end of this month. The Inspiration Travel Writing Contest is open and has a $1,000usd first prize! Enter by February 14, 2014 at midnight PST. We are … Continued

Richard Bang is the judge for our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest! We hope his story inspires you to share yours! It all began, for me, at a meeting of the Canoe Cruisers Association, the Washington, D.C. chapter. In the midst of the button-down capital there is an underground of cutoffs and t-shirts that each weekend … Continued