I have found my Freedom in the United States I have never ever been there but I feel that I have traveled every corner of this beautiful country with Jack Kerouac’s Dean Moriarty, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, and Tom Wolfe’s Merry Pranksters. My journey to the USA has started a long time ago when I … Continued

Visiting our Fantastic Children in Mon-ten-e-gro! The plan was for my husband and me to visit Belgrade, Serbia together. He was nine-months clean and we were excited to visit his youngest daughter at her first international internship at University of Belgrade in summer 2016. Then I returned from a trip to New Orleans with my … Continued

A boat in the Majestic Greek Islands I think I had too much. Too many “places to be”, too many people “You just have to talk to, Gina”, too many minutes full of too much. I had left university, I had gone straight to London with my creative partner and I had landed directing my … Continued

Introducing myself in the USA As humans, we need to quickly categorize the information we take in so we can make sense of things, and ultimately make decisions. Bali: spiritual; Delhi: chaotic; drunk guy at bar: steer clear. I’ve become acutely aware of this with dating profiles, which is essentially a list of labels we … Continued

Personal Freedom Through Language In France The walk from the jet to Arrivées was like a second trip down the birth canal. The anxiety. The newness. Out from the panorama of windows and light, the director of my university’s French exchange program approached, arms waiting. “Bonjour!” Carolyn said. It was an early afternoon in February … Continued

In the Delightful Company of Me The sun had set. The patch of sky above the mountain range was painted shades of yellow. Before, it was orange, lilac, light blue and then dark blue. The moon glowed between pink clouds. I was alone, at candle light, behind a book with me as my only company. … Continued

Hit the Road in The USA, Jack (or Jill) Whenever it comes to vacation time, the question is always, “Plane, train, ship, bus tour or car?” And, nine times out of ten, the answer will be, “Car!” I’ll take a road trip over a pre-booked tour, cruise or plane ride anytime. It’s all about freedom … Continued

ABORIGINAL DREAM TIME IN AUSTRALIA The air around us reverberated with the deep tones of the didgeridoo and the Tjapukai aboriginals stamped and gyrated to its beat. Their ebony bodies adorned with traditional vibrant body art. Soon it was our turn to get painted and we felt the cool swish of a paint brush as … Continued

A STORY OF SELF-EMANCIPATION IN THE UK The biggest lottery in the world is having no chance to choose where you’re born. God blesses us with travelling; we can riot against the national communities who always try to classify us according to our physical appearance, cultural background, and beliefs. As you can see above, they … Continued

Be Free in The Egyptian Red Sea The Red Sea. A place for world-class diving in warm, gin-clear waters. It is a playground for scuba divers and snorkelers of all ages, a honeymoon destination for happy couples and an affordable beach resort for families. ‘The Red Sea. A place of adventure, somewhere to escape to … Continued