Passionate Rain Forest Dreams in Brazil Sitting with my eyes level to the canopy I look to the towering emergents above. Below, the dark and shaded undergrowth is too dense to explore. I’ve learned all about the exotic creatures that inhabit this tropical rain forest. I’ve learned all about the natives that protect the land … Continued

A Different Kind of Food & Wine: The Mangialonga Levanto Levanto is a gateway to the Cinque Terre, Italy’s famed five towns clinging to the cliffs and coastline in the Liguria Region. It’s the first train stop just north of the Cinque Terre, has a larger town center and feels a little less touristy. Like … Continued

When a Calm and Gentle Giraffe Attacks! Kenya can be startling. Gentle grasslands and easy blue skies turn fiery at sunset. Calm, ancient plains can feel downright spooky after dark. Nothing is usual here. It’s a place where dream-like images catch you up short. My video crew and I have come here at the behest … Continued

Uncertain Hopelessness into An Unforgettable Trip As a kid, I loved the beach. My dream one day was to take a trip and move to LA and make it big working in TV. This was quite a dream considering that I lived on the East Coast and none of my family is even remotely involved … Continued

Hiking up the Amazing southwest coast of Portugal We set off on a roughly 200km (124 miles) hike up the Portuguese coast early on a spring morning. As we walked out of the farm where we’d been for the past month, I looked back at it with a slight sadness that I was leaving this … Continued

New Zealand to Norway: The Amazing Postcard Trail As I looked out to the snow-dripped Norwegian fjords piercing the skyline, I uttered to my grandfather, “I’m home. Thank you.” That was odd. Firstly, it was odd because I’d never met my grandfather. He died when my father was just a little boy. Heck, I didn’t … Continued

No Sleep Until Stunning Hong Kong Hong Kong. Whether it was the countless peaks, the urban jungle, or something else altogether, the city reminded me of an old friend, a place I’d been many times before. For too long, I saw intercontinental travel as something that was overly pricey and out of reach. But, with … Continued

The Courage to Explore in Unfamiliar Italy One day we found the courage to travel along the hills of the Oltrepò after we had first reassured ourselves that ‘our’ house was still standing and wasn’t washed away by the abundant rainfall of the last couple of days. Luckily, the house was still standing firm in its … Continued

A skeptical Vacation to Amazing Iran I had a week off near the end of my first month in Dubai, where my room and board had been prearranged by the university at which I was studying and most storekeepers spoke English. SkyScanner told me that the cheapest country to fly to was Iran, which meant … Continued

Intense Marine Weapons Training in Hawaii I exhale as hard as I can, knowing it could mean serious injury or worse. My head is down but I have my arms up and my IPhone ready on a friend’s shoulder taking pictures and recording. Just another day in the Marines. Another day I’m asked to do … Continued