A Chance Worth Taking in Alaska Have you ever had the feeling that something in life was missing? As if there was this unexplained void beneath your core, longing to be filled by a greater force beyond your grasp. I had been consumed by this void my entire life, which grew more fiercely as time … Continued

Exploring Fantastic Ireland By Myself I got off the bus, and departed from the new friends I had just made. I knew I had to do this alone. As I walked towards the tip of the cliff, I thought about all the places I had been to beforehand. This was the first time I was … Continued

Gazing Beyond The Surface In Exciting Utila Honduras My first impression of Utila wasn’t great. The guidebook had led me to expect something more, well, glamorous, than what I encountered stepping off the ferry that first day. A single paved road running through town, only a mile long. Ramshackle wooden buildings with peeling paint, either … Continued

Gratitude for Perspective in Morocco Gratitude is a virtue I’ve been working to include in my life. Gratitude for family, safety, love, financial stability, and a never ending list of items that we cherish in this country. Travel has given me many things, but most of all, it has provided me with a lens of … Continued

A Family Adventure from Vietnam to Malaysia We were a typical urban family, my husband, our 21-month-old daughter, and I. Routine ruled. From the moment the song (pitifully trying to disguise the fact that it was an alarm) initiated the feeling of dread each weekday morning, to the moment we fell into bed exhausted, and … Continued

Hitchhiking Away my Fears in Cambodia I was pushing it away from me. This moment. I never really wanted to do it but somehow it had to happen. Rocio (my wife) pushed me into it and I must say I will never regret it. Never regret! It’s always a challenge to go for something new … Continued

The Polyglots and the Japanese Ramen Shop June. The pullulating masses of Tokyo are at it again. As they always are. Every day. From when that great sun rises in the east to long after it sets and the city lights turn on and vibrate and hum with hubris, drowning out any sign of a … Continued

The Amazingly Crowded Bath House in Budapest, Hungary I sit on the second step hugging my knees. A plump figure wades past me sending rolls of water ashore, his rosy gut rippling with every stride. Unapologetic I think to myself, hugging my legs closer until my knee caps make an inaudible thud. The water is … Continued

Feeling Gratitude in the West of the UAE Go West, young woman, go West!!! The Western region of Abu Dhabi is probably one of the lesser celebrated regions of the UAE. Most individuals traveling to the UAE for the first time want to experience the glitz and glamour and the frenzied pace of it’s big … Continued