I’ll Always Go Back to Costa Rica Our dust-covered 4Runner bounced down the jungle road, my friend behind the wheel and her two little boys sleeping in the back, who, when I left hadn’t been born yet. I’d been traveling unfamiliar roads for nearly a year from South Asia to Scandinavia, seeing old friends and … Continued

A New Life begins in Canada This story starts with a hospital bed. A cold and lonely night. A lost soul without direction. Asleep at the wheel, likely dreaming of a better life, one he could hardly have imagined. He screamed. Flailed. Desperately waved for help. The cars barely slowed as they rolled by. It … Continued

How travel changed my life in Italy Looking at my laptop, while my equally shocked co-workers stared at me, my eyes let out a few tears. I felt disappointed and upset. These people were underestimating my effort and all the hard work of these years. My ego was disillusioned and hurt, even though I already … Continued

Kindness Is Not Bound By Geography in Okinawa, Japan “Are you sitting down?” my husband asked me. “I am; just tell me,” I replied, never one to prolong the inevitable. “Our orders were just changed to Okinawa,” he said. When our active duty military family received orders to live in Okinawa, Japan, I cried. More … Continued

The Future Foretold in New Orleans On Bourbon Street in New Orleans, even though it’s still morning, people are already drinking and there’s live music blasting in some of the bars. The weather has changed drastically. Yesterday’s torrential rain has turned into bright sunshine. For me, this is even more marked, as I had the … Continued

Hitchhiking and Other Leaps of Faith in Albania I don’t hitchhike, I’m a woman from Seattle. I’m in Albania, and I really want to see “the Blue Eye,” as I’ve been told it can’t be missed. Unlike in Seattle, hitchhiking is a cultural norm due to lack of public transportation, which makes it a much … Continued

How Has Travel to the Philippines Changed My Life? At the age of seventeen I took my first international trip. With Teen Missions International, I traveled to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines with the objective of constructing two church buildings over a six-week stay. The adventure began at Teen Missions’ bootcamp in Florida. … Continued

Lessons on Fear Atop Kilimanjaro in Tanzania A few years back, I made bold attempt to summit Kilimanjaro via the shortest route – Marangu. By shortest, I mean two and a half days to go up the summit. Sounds intense? It’s more than intense. I almost died from the onset of symptoms of pulmonary edema. … Continued

How Florence, Italy has changed my life: My name is Clara, I’m 21 years old and I live in Barcelona, Spain. For my 8 year birthday my aunt gave me a present that changed my life: an atlas. Since that moment all I always wanted to do was to see all of the places that … Continued

Searching For The Meaning of Life in China I have travelled far and wide, seeking out the most barren places, searching for answer to that fundamental question: why are we here? And do you know what I’ve found? I did not find God, or myself, or some magical wish granting fish; do you want to … Continued