How Wookie Saved Me in Black Rock City, USA  His name was Wookie. We met around 4a.m., both of us wandering the desert landscape alone. Just as our paths were about to cross, he softly inquired, “Are you alright?” No, I wasn’t. He’d found me just in time. The previous week I had struggled. This … Continued

Independence may have a definite, universal definition as “free from the influence, control, and support from others” but for me, and I’m sure others, it has personal meaning as well. Because I found myself again in traveling, I define independence as being content with being free from the influence and support. I was bitten by … Continued

Surviving the Storm in Mexico It was pouring, the kind of haphazard rain you only get in the middle of a tropical storm. My hair had taken on a life of its own, to the point where I looked like Brendan Fraser’s character in Encino Man. My palms were sweaty as I searched through my … Continued

Travel moments of pure Freedom and Happiness Traveling the world fulfills our soul. It helps us to grow as a person. We evolve. Slow, but steady. It spreads out minds. It opens our hearts. And eventually, it lightens the ship and lets us sail off. These are what we all hope and search for in … Continued

Return to New Zealand I’m flying Sydney to Christchurch, New Zealand for my cousin’s wedding. 733km into the trip, I ask the air hostess if they have any gin. “Sorry?” She says. “Gin!” I yell over the plane’s engine. She misses it a second time so I try again in her accent. ‘Jun’. ‘Oh!’ She … Continued

Finding Freedom in the Falkland Islands “What do you reckon then, left or right?”. The question was gently asked, but with enough earnestness detectable to betray genuine concern. To my colleague, Mike, the man who had asked me, there were implications in the outcome; it mattered to him. “Let’s go left”, I heard myself saying … Continued

Analog in Rio De Janiero, Brazil When I chose to travel only using analog cameras, I chose the insecurity of independence, the waiting and the unexpected over the immediate certainty a digital one would bring. Independence for there was no contract between us that would guarantee I shall always get at least one good picture … Continued

Independence at a Price in New Zealand The shape of my bags attracted attention. Two unconventional long sausage-shaped bags, connected by webbing. At the end of my cycling adventure, when the bike had been sold, I’d laced my bike panniers together around the top of a smaller back-pack which gave a turtle like appearance. Mike … Continued

GOING STAG in the USA When I hit the brakes, the open packet of Kettle chips slid forward off the passenger seat of my rental Rav4 and scattered onto the floor… What a waste. I gripped the steering wheel and watched the illuminated spectacle that would become my first ever hit and run when I … Continued