An inspired road to transformation In India A dialogue from the movie “Eat Pray Love” that said, “Ruin is good, ruin is the road to transformation” always made me wonder how? How can ruin be good and more so how can it be the road to transformation? Just soon after, I realised the true meaning … Continued

Fly to the clouds and Dream in Bhutan I smile each time I open the mailbox and spot the National Geographic Expeditions magazine surrounded by unwanted bills and junk mail. A particular featured location lured me in – Taktsang Lhakhang (Tiger’s Nest Temple). One of the oldest private monasteries in the country of Bhutan which … Continued

An Unexpected Discovery in The Philippines As a child I was never one to spend time in the deep end of the pool. I swam well but diving hurt my ears. So it was a surprise to sit twelve feet under water in Cozumel, monitoring my breathing and having no pain at all. What started … Continued

The Amazon Trial: Peru Flying solo to the other side of the world from India to Peru to study field biology in the Amazon spelled independence for a single woman like me. Back home, the paranoia of me being in the jungle was high, even though I was part of a team. My challenge was … Continued

Floating My Inhibitions Away in Australia Pointing to the skydiving ad, I looked at my friend while doing a poor attempt at puppy dog eyes. “Let’s do this! Please? It would be so epic if we skydive together,” I impulsively said in a rare show of my inner daredevil. My friend looked at me as … Continued

Letting Go in Kyoto, Japan On a high-speed train to Kyoto from Tokyo, I mention to my son we will be walking Philosopher’s Walk, a stone path that follows a canal lined by hundreds of cherry trees. Also known as Tetsugaku no michi, named after Nishida Kitaro, one of Japan’s most famous philosophers. Our timing … Continued

Travel Light and Let Go in Peru “I will not be the reason that they don’t go on this trip.” His words, just a memory to me now, still sting like alcohol on a wound. I was fortunate enough to see him in his last few days, but it did not—could not—take the pain out … Continued

Skiing to Freedom Jules Older During the winter of 1981, normally peaceful New Zealand was ripped apart by rugby. The government had permitted the Springboks, apartheid South Africa’s national rugby team, to tour New Zealand, playing against our revered All Blacks. “Ripped apart” isn’t hyperbole — the tour pitted brother against sister, parent against child, … Continued

A Road Trip through The United States of America There’s a meditative hum to it, a drawn out Om that stretches down the highway. You forgot how much you loved the sound of tires spinning on pavement. You’re behind the wheel, headed wherever you want. But there is only one place now. That placed you’ve … Continued

Living in a car in Tierra del Fuego Tierra del Fuego has always been a distant jewel, a place where adventures start, a desolate wonder, a frontier island. The ‘Land of Fire’ that hooks out of Patagonia, the name a reference to the first people, indigenous Fuegians, who burned fires in front of their huts. … Continued