Excited to Reach the Red Line Noises whirled, gears cranked, voices both laughing and screaming surrounded me as I stood in queue, my eyes fixated on the red line. I was a young child impatiently awaiting my turn to get up to the red line. Most people around me were happy and excited. I was … Continued

A safe itinerary to exciting success in Nigeria He possessed an intrepid physique, radiant cheeks, hair still remain dark, and a gritty skin. He wore a hat strolling around the backyard, and a tattered blue army overcoat when it was cold, and sometimes top-boots. He walks round the house and an earsplitting yell was heard … Continued

5 Places worth a visit in Guilin, China Anyone who’s ever read a Chinese textbook can attest that these textbooks glorify Guilin. Not only that, politicians also sing praises to this city’s natural endowments and often entertain visiting dignitaries in this resort town. During my last visit to Guilin, I was adamant to find out … Continued

Living Life to its fullest in England A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a poem by Pablo Neruda entitled “You start dying slowly.” It resonated with me, and expressed the way that I was feeling 3 years ago, before my life took a detour from its original trajectory. There are not many … Continued

There Is No Crammed Schedule in Thailand Erin and I took a giant leap of adventure when we sold all our belongings in the USA and booked a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand. No itinerary. No plans. It was time to shake life up and discover more of ourselves. We were all too familiar … Continued

Certain Freedom On The Edge in Kenya I had travelled very little in life, almost all of it within the geographical borders of New York State and most of that between the rounded mountains of the Catskills, the tumble of the Adirondacks, and the rocky Eastern shores of Lake Ontario. The world is a comfortable, … Continued

Walking on the Winter Streets in Munich, Germany Bavaria in the winter is a different proposition from Bavaria in the summer. Perhaps if one skies, a winter in Bavaria might seem like heaven with mountain slopes. I emphatically don’t ski. Nor do I like beer. Thus Munich would seem like an odd choice. I stayed … Continued

Backpack & Bushes In Munich: The Freedom In Wandering There I was, wandering the suburban streets of Munich with a poor sense of direction and the absence of mobile technology. That afternoon, I had stepped off of an airplane that had departed from the island of Majorca in the south of Spain. Majorca was warm, … Continued

Democracy, Freedom and Independence in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is a holiday commemorating the 1945 uprising against Nazi occupation today. Devinska Nova Ves (DNV) is a large village about 16 km north of Bratislava. Its wide main street is lined with old houses, there is an enormous Volkswagen factory and a few tower blocks – nothing … Continued

Forging my Inquisitive Name in Egypt Standing in a shop in Cairo, I spelled out my name for the clerk, both in English and in Arabic. Should it end with an eliph or a taa marbuta? We went back and forth, settling on aliph, the first letter of the alphabet, and I handed over a … Continued