South America Offline Map with DirectU
Why we love it:

It includes extremely detailed maps for all of South America – and they are available without any internet access. While this means its a big app (currently 327mb) it also means that it can be accessed anywhere.

It is outstanding, especially living in a place where WiFi and 3G coverage isn’t always the best. Did I mention that its free? (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia are also available – but haven’t used these – yet)



Bryan & Dena Haines

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants
Why we love it:
because it is very handy to look at reviews on the phone and decide between hotels which meet our budget.

Plus some of the reviews are very detailed and advice on which rooms or which wing of a hotel is better. One can look it up on the laptop, but this is way more convenient and easy.



Encyclopedia App for iPhone

We absolutely depended on the Encyclopedia App for iPhone.  On our little iTouch this app gave us access to the entire Wikipedia and Wikitravel databases….off-line.  We could tour any museum and provide facts quicker than most guides and when we arrived late into town we were able to use the Wikitravel database to quickly find hotels if we were stuck.  It is the most expensive app we ever purchased but well worth it!



Danny and Jillian


My favorite app is LingoPal. Common phrases in 44 different languages. I’ve communicated with locals using this app and it’s been fun. They have some fun flirting phrases you can play around with and makes for some good laughs. It’s a great app and I definitely recommend the full package. You never know who you’re going to meet!

Art of Backpacking


Michael Tieso 
Art of Backpacking & Art of Travel Blogging

XpenseIt (Expense + Income = Cashflow with Budget)

By FYI Mobileware, Inc.
We used this budget manager for every single purchase we made during our around the world trip.  Budget travel was our goal and this app helped us achieve that.  We broke down our purchases into several major categories including transportation, food, lodging and adventure. The app allowed us to chart the progress of each category as the month continued, while at the same time tracking yearly totals against our round the world travel budget.



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An App that we use often is Hipstamatic. Its a photo app, that allows us to take some pretty cool photos.

We love being able to take cool photos with our iPhone. It’s so much easier than lugging around our bulky camera bags and it allows us to capture those unexpected moments. Convenience is very important!

Traveling Canucks


Cam, Nicole and Braydon


Why do I love this app so much?

It’s got an easy interface to read & search Wikipedia articles. Every article you search for is automatically saved (pictures included!) for offline reading. Now you can just quickly look download the sights you’re going to see that day, open them in Simplepedia and then when hanging out inside Jerusalem’s Western Wall, you can read everything you ever wanted to know about it.

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from Travels of Adam

XE Currency converter

We love the XE Currency converter, which allows you to display 10 currencies at a time for quick, simple conversions at the day’s rates.

Inspiring Travellers


Tripit, All Subway and Cool Sudoku

I do like TripIt for managing my flight itineraries.
I also like ¨All Subway¨ for trip planning and while I’m in a city with a subway. And, honestly, I know it’s not a travel app, but it keeps me occupied while I travel, ¨Cool Sudoku¨ for the iPhone/iPod- Probably my favorite out of the three.

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Hazel Mail

Use Hazel Mail ( ) when “on the
road”. Upload a travel photos, write a short letter, and fill in the address information. For the time it takes to track down a postcard in a foreign country, write it by hand, acquire stamps and find a post office, this service is well worth the reasonable cost. During a recent trip to Hawaii, within several minutes we had fired off postcards to friends back in the states as well as International destinations. Its simple!

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I, personally, love seeing live music in different cities I travel to — especially in places like NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Seattle.  So next time you plan on heading out of town, you can check out all the music in the area — from the small clubs to the large arenas, and everything in-between.  It also has a setting that will specifically identify if any of the artists found in your iTunes library are in town, which helps you navigate through all the listings they have.  It’s a must have for live music lovers.

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Gate Guru

GateGuru is a new tool to transform the chaotic and unfamiliar airport environment into a more satisfying experience before and after flights, and during layovers. GateGuru serves as the leading light to locate the best food, shopping and service options within any airport at the touch of a button. So give GateGuru a try and enjoy your next airport experience.



Best Kids Apps

If you’re in need of keeping your kids occupied, educated, and entertained while on the road—Best Kids Apps is a must read. Travel and tech writers Jen Leo (co-host of This Week in Travel, LA Times Web Buzz columnist) and Jamie Pearson (founder of test and review the very best iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Jen says, “Lord knows I use these apps to help ease traveling with my two, almost three year old!”

This Week In Travel


Hipmunk, World Clock and Nightstand

I love the hipmunk app for searching for my flights and fares.  You can sort by cost, length or use the  ‘Agony’ feature for a smoother trip.  World Clock has a great interface for ensuring you have the right time in the right place.  Open maps, set alarms, or compare world times in a flash.  Finally, Nightstand offers beautiful wallpapers as well as the time, the weather and alarms with your own songs or just white noise.

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